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Alberto Tallone Editore


I represent the third generation at the Alberto Tallone Publishing House.
My grandfather Alberto (1898-1968) first established his publishing house in Paris in 1938, taking over Maurice Darantière’s and Léon Pichon’s typographic studios with their vast endowment of original 18th-century founders’ types. Ten years later, Alberto amplified the studio’s endowment with his distinctive Tallone type, punch-cut by Charles Malin, the design of which encompasses both Italian and French tradition, and so was immortalized in 2016 with a monument at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. This type is, in the words of Jean Loize, who presented it in his Gallery in Paris, “an Elzevir that gives up all superfluous ornaments. It gives clear, compact pages, where nothing distracts the eye from the letters and the literary content.
The Tallone type shows well beside the great classics, from Garamond and Fournier to Bodoni and Didot.
It is a summation of all of their merits and uses”. The Italian-born publisher, who made his start as an antiquarian bookseller in Milan, believed that the aesthetics of the book and philological accuracy should always go hand in hand. Italian literary critic Gianfranco Contini observed, “The idea that beauty could merge into truth sprung naturally within Tallone.” Alberto moved the studio home to Italy in 1960. His goal of combined aesthetic and editorial truth has been pursued since the 1970s by his son Enrico, in collaboration today with his wife and children (my brothers and me), resulting in a diverse catalog of some 400 works, ranging from Greek pre-Socratic philosophers to contemporary poets, in a multiplicity of languages, book formats, and exquisite European and exotic papers.
Each is a masterpiece typeset by hand and letterpress printed in its original language, to a new typographic design, thus creating a unique “book-diversity”, obtained without neither hot metal typesetting nor photopolymer plates, but through original founders’ types, those cut by hand on steel punches by great artists such as Nicholas Kis, William Caslon, Henri Parmentier and Charles Malin.


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