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Atelier d’Art Kerat sprl


Painting restorer Frederik Cnockaert is one of belgium’s leading oil painting conservator – restorer. He provides oil painting and fine art restoration & conservation services to collectors, private persons galleries,… conservator Frederik Cnockaert is a craftsman of highest quality. His speciality is conservation of old and new paintings on canvas or panel. His painting and conservation atelier is called kerat. where he has an applied arts Studio that next to his restoration services, occasionally produces high quality artisan paintings in commission.

All cleaning and restoration work is of the highest quality, using minimal intervention and following the ethical restoration standards in reversibility. as well as the cleaning and restoration of pictures, the studio covers all aspects of restoration/conservation relevant to the structure/support of oil paintings. composition lining (in-house), panel repairs (wood, metal, board), surface improvement, consolidation work on canvases that do not require lining support, microfriction (for problematical paintings) condition reports, documentation of work and photographs free, no-obligation consultation, evaluation and estimates reports for insurance companies, pre-auction appraisal of paintings for prospective buyers, regular weekly consultations are held in wervik, by appointment kerat art restoration and conservation paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs.

Kerat (ceo Frederik Cnockaert) has 18 years of experience in conservation and restoration. He ensures that the proper materials and techniques are used to bring your artwork and photography back to its original condition as closely as possible. conservation and restoration treatment of easel paintings on supports of wood, canvas, metal, or stone. Conservation cleaning involves the identification of the appropriate agent or solvent for cleaning the surface and substrate of artwork. Paintings and prints on canvas or paper whose medium is oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolor or gouache and prints utilizing photography, silkscreen, lithography and etching all require different techniques and materials for proper cleaning that will not damage the underlying artwork.

Restoration involves the repair of tears, blisters and flakes of paintings and prints surfaces, the relining of fragile or heavily damaged canvas and the filling and in-painting of damaged or missing areas. the removal and reapplication of varnishes is part of the restoration process. free quotation (excl travel), appointment only assignments both on site and in own workshop in-depth cleaning of painting, treatment of rents, rips or dents, treatment of panels showing cracks, missing pieces of ornament in a frame can be restored, conservation of old and modern masters on panel, canvas, copper and other supports the restauration of a painting requires highly specialized expertise and know-how. A conservator restaurator specializing in paintings has to know and sense the peculiarities of an artwork to be able to treat the object professionally and effectively. We have works cofinanced by the ministry of flemish community, division ” monuments and landscapes”. Contact us for damage assessment, quotes and more information.

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