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So this is my story: It is also the story of the people who have touched my life, inspired me, and become central to my craft. This is the story of my passion. Not only for jewelry – but for the people and stories that each piece represents. The magic of converting rough materials into a one-of-a-kind object that can transform you. Through the ages jewels have been little wearable pieces that both symbolises achievements and help you to achieve your future goals. I also see jewelry as a connection to the world; it’s the materialisation, the transformation of feelings and memory into a long lasting object. I made my first ring when I was 10 years old from an electric copper wire. I remember the joy of texture –hammering this round wire to make it flat – the purity of form — transforming this metal piece into a circle – and the frustration of not knowing how to solder and make it complete. I remember the first time I entered a jewelry workshop. What stood out to me were the hands of the jeweler, the wood table and the fire. I also remember the first time I made a little silver piece under the guidance of my future master – and then started to understand the secrets of fabrication. What I needed next was to understand the story. The magical element that brings life to an inanimate object. When I started my apprenticeship the number of people who opened themselves up – even before they knew me – astonished me. As I developed, I realized that they were not showing me their jewelry – they were opening the family treasure trove and telling me stories. I realized that they were seeking advice not only on how to preserve this history – but also to make their own mark. This was the true honor and privilege of being a jeweler. There is no deep secret, only the dedication to learn, to acquire the knowledge of materials and the mastery of techniques that enable you to succeed in both the fabrication and the realisation of your ideas. And to tell a story for the ages. As a mature jewelry designer, I’ve come to realize that it is not about me. It is about the people who wear jewelry. Not merely as an adornment, but as a core part of their identity. The pieces that people wear for a lifetime, that become part of their history. A piece that supports you through thick and thin – that gives you confidence – and that reflects your personality. I was surprised – and I still am – by how people open up when I say that I’m a jeweler, a craftsman. Another side of this passion is the making process. Choosing materials or in a more mystic way materials choosing you, exploring, trying to find out the right volumes, the right lines, the right colors, the balance with the wearer. All that put together makes me do what I am , and drives what I do now. Now jewelry has become a less hermetic and closed world. It is more accessible fortunately. But the fascination remains. To see a flash of serenity in the eyes of someone who try a piece of jewelry that appeals to him or her is a reward. To embark on a journey of discovery together is invaluable. Bio: Favard started to study jewellery in 1996, after a 5 years traditionnal apprenticeship between La Rochelle and Saumur he studied contemporary jewellery a year in Paris at Afedap. From 2002 to 2004 Favard lived and worked in Vietnam. From 2004 till now he lived in Beijing, China where he established his business. Favard is now working between France and China. His work also includes education as a professor at the Beijing Fine art Academy, and giving workshops and lectures in other Chinese universities.

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