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General presentation

ELENA VASIĆ PETROVIĆ, architect – conservator

Born in Pirot, Serbia in 1978. 

Graduated from the University of Niš – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

An associate at the Institute for the Cultural Monuments Preservation in Niš for almost two decades, and in the period from 2012 until 2017, appointed as the director of this institution.

Founded the Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation (website: and the architectural studio DE arhitektura (website:

Participated in the development and was the main designer of more than 70 projects, as many spatial planning documents, studies and reports.

Winner of numerous awards (Annual award of the City of Pirot for the field of culture 2016, Award of the Salon of Architecture in Niš from 2003), as well as the most prestigious European awards in areas of cultural heritage protection, Europa Nostra and Grand Prix EU 2016 and European Heritage Stories 2019. More about Europa Nostra and Grand Prix EU 2016 awards can be seen here: First ever Grand Prix of the European Heritage Awards presented in Serbia to conservation study of Village Gostuša – Europa Nostra and Serbia: Conservation study of Village Gostuša receives European Heritage Award on 31/08 – Europa Nostra

Specialized in stone conservation (ISCR, Rome/CIK, Belgrade, 2011) and management of archaeological sites with mosaics (Getty Conservation Institute, LA, USA, 2014-2022).

Author of more than 50 professional and scientific works, publications and monographs, exhibitions and newspapers feuilleton. Some of her publications can be found here: Publikacije Archives – Elena Vasic 

Launched the “Pillars of Heritage” magazine.

Dedicated to volunteerism and work with young people.

DE ARHITEKTURA is established in 2019. in Niš, Serbia, by Elena Vasić Petrović, architect-conservator and multiple-awarded senior expert.

Since than we have performed numeruous projects in design, interior design, construction, reconstruction, survey, research and documentation.

We are precise, reliable and responsible partner in all areas of architecture and construction, but since our team consists of experienced conservators and engineers at the same time, we like to emphasize that this is our main advantage and strenth.

The mayority of our clients are public institutions and bodies, on national and international level.

In addition to a number of projects and satisfied clients we managed to join some of the major urbanistic and architectural competitions. We would like to highlight the fact that we won the second prize at the international competition for the Revitalisation of Pirotechnics zone at the Military technical institute in Kragujevac in 2022 (cultural monument of exceptional significance).

We specialise in conservation and restoration with traditional building techniques, but also in stone conservation and vernacular heritage research and rehabilitation projects.

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