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Mindarla Design

General presentation

Mindarla Design was established by Mikaela Male in 2010 in the Scottish town of Helensburgh. What started as a therapy whilst suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – a chronic illness which causes severe muscle and joint pain as well as extreme fatigue – gradually turned into a creative passion, which has continued to grow. After learning and researching various techniques, Mikaela discovered chainmaille and loved the diversity of styles it offered and yearned to push this ancient art into a more contemporary form. Greater creative freedom was gained by the decision to create all jump-rings from scratch and there is great satisfaction achieved from having such an involvement in both the creation of the materials used and the final pieces. The use of plated and enamelled copper at a smaller gauge, compared to the thicker aluminium or steel wires other chainmaille artists commonly use, allows for much more refined finish and for pieces to be created for a much broader audience to enjoy. The ability to appeal to wider audience has been proven by the diverse age range and tastes of Mindarla Design’s customer base and lately, the small craft business has enjoyed positive feedback from its first stockist, Shooftie in Helensburgh. As well as this specialist Scottish Arts & Crafts shop, jewellery can be bought and commissioned from Mindarla Design via local fairs & markets, our Facebook page ( and by contacting Mikaela via her website –

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