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Pracownia Romantyczne Szydełko

General presentation

My name is Aneta. I´m 42 years old. I live in a small city in the west of Poland. I´m an artistic soul, romantic but at the same time standing firmly on the ground. Before I used to write poetry and was keen on photography, taking photos in my free time. I have been successful also as an amateur writer too, issuing a few publications. For a crochet hook I resigned from writing. Crochet was my love at first sight 12 years ago when I started to get interested in it. I felt in love looking at beautiful crochet net curtains in someone’s window. That was the moment I decided to learn how to crochet.

First steps were very difficult and I can still say that I’m in the constant process of learning because every work I make is different and in every work I put my whole heart. As the time went by, crocheting became my great passion, my cure for all evil and everyday problems. As the years went by, I created my crochet´s shop which I called ´´Romantic Crochet´s Shop¨, because I incorporate a tiny part of my romantic nature in each work I make. For years I have been writing my personal blog where I show my artistic works. Generally I’m interested in interior design. I love making net curtains, tablecloths, window decorations, dream captures, pillows, blankets, baskets and very different seasonal home decorations like Christmas balls, Easter eggs, Christmas bells or snowflakes. Every work I treat individually – that is the real beauty of crochet which attracted me so much – the diversity.

Each work is different, with a different pattern and texture, I love creating things from my imagination, joining some patterns together, adding something mine, inventing some new crochet models. All works are made with the best quality Polish natural cotton tread and I do my best in every piece of work. I set myself a high target. My favourite colours are natural grey, beige, white and ecru but I experiment with the others too. All works I make both myself and for my friends or for individual clients. In December 2015 I debuted in the Polish edition of ´´My Apartment ´´ ( ¨Moje mieszkanie¨) magazine, sharing with the readers my personal story of passion for lace and crochet.

My partner and me appreciate handmade works a lot, we love making some woodwork together, creating new objects from the old wooden planks or converting some old furniture into fascinating things using our imagination. Some of them constitute a part of our new house decoration. We see our future in it, joining both passions. My aim is to show that crocheting does not only mean some tablecloth to your basket but from the cotton thread we can conjure up some beautiful interior decorations and crocheting itself is the great manner of artistic fulfilment and, of course, you can do it with satisfaction. It could be the moment of meditation of some innumerable thoughts in this busy world we live, some kind of mystery and creation of new ideas during the crocheting. My dream is to develop my passion joining wood and crochet. I would like people in my country to change the mentality and to stop buying all those ugly massive production things and appreciate more handmade high-quality and creative works. I see first signs of change…

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