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Duration: 1 to 4 days (boarding or day school*)

Are you a teacher interested in heritage and its professions? This module is for you. By offering you training courses tailored to your prerequisites and knowledge, it creates a dynamic that aims to open you up to the techniques and know-how of architectural heritage and enable you to transfer these skills to your school subjects.

These courses are given by specialist craftsmen and an educational facilitator who provide the keys to understanding the built heritage and its restoration. Some are part of the IFC programme(, others can be tailor-made on request.

Subjects covered: heritage and its trades, site history, restoration and redevelopment, specific teaching tools, etc.

Type of activities: workshop (cement-rockwork, brasswork, threshing, dry-stone walling, gilding, imitation materials, carpentry, mosaics, stone-cutting, stained glass, carpentry, blacksmithing, sgraffito, cobwork), etc.

Target group: in-service teachers from basic and ordinary secondary education (all options and all networks combined) Number of trainees : 5 participants minimum.

*70-bed accommodation, with catering facilities, is available for classes taking part in activities over several days, allowing them to get to grips with the site and the learning process.

Business Area

Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage,Decoration - Interior design,Glass crafts,Metal crafts,Stone crafts,Wood and furniture crafts

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Painter, Paintings restorer
Cycle DORURE ⚜️
  • From 17/06/2024 to 28/06/2024
  • Paris, France
2 weeks to learn decorative gold leafing techniques– Laying glued and loose copper leaf– Applying water and oil mixtures– Calepinage– Application to mouldings and objects 💪🏼70 hours👩🏻‍🎨Intervenante : Virginie Medda, decorative painter and gold gilder.
Built heritage: professions in short supply and career opportunities
  • La Paix-Dieu - Centre des métiers du patrimoine
  • Flexible dates
CHILDREN’S RIGHTS” ACTION This initiative pursues the objective of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child on non-discrimination (encouraging children with a preference for technical and vocational sections of education and training) and that of providing training in the shortage of built heritage trades and job opportunities. In the company of educational facilitators, […]
  • La Paix-Dieu - Centre des métiers du patrimoine
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EDUCATIONAL OFFER FOR ADULTS TEACHERS, BACCALAUREATE HOLDERS AND HERITAGE MEDIATORS – COMBINED PACKAGES Complementary to the +16 offer, this combined package directly integrates a restoration worksite on an external site. Students discover the reality of a restoration site while learning from a professional in the field of conservation of built heritage. New for 2022In addition […]
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Flor Flamenca en tela
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  • Flexible dates
Profesora María José Calvente, lleva en el mundo de la moda flamenca más de 20 años. Aprenderán a hacer una flor flamenca. No hace falta conocimiento previo. Se realizará una flor tipo broche con telas típicas de la moda flamenca. Todo el material está incluido Dependerá del número de alumnos/a y de la necesidad o […]

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