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Mad'in Europe's commitment to heritage is constantly evolving. For our 10th anniversary, we have launched a new platform that also welcomes architects working with craftspeople on built heritage preservation.

Photo Credits: Nuno Valentim; Carlos Quevedo Rojas & Carlos Peinado Madueño; Elena Vasic Petrovic.

As our aim is to bring together the players who help our tangible and intangible heritage to evolve and innovate, we now welcome architects who specialise in safeguarding built heritage.

The collaboration between architects and crafts professionals is crucial to preserving a heritage that reflects the richness and diversity of our culture. Discover the first architects who joined our portal, their work, their stories and some of the craft trades without which this heritage could not exist.

Download the full communication about our new section dedicated to architects HERE

Saving built heritage starts from the roof

Browse our crafts-professionals specialised in roof products:
Lola Perez Fernandez
Ceramica Artesanal Sebastian Perez, S. L. (Calasparra, Spain)
full profile
Florian Despond
Florian Despond Sàrl (Montreux, Switzerland)
full profile
Stéphane Leroux
SARL LEROUX (Nogent-le-Bernard, France)
full profile
Christoph Henselmann
Tuilerie de Niderviller (Niderviller, France)
full profile
Vicentiu Florian
(Dealu Corbului, Romania)
full profile
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The secret life of roofs – Ermentini Architetti

Roofs are a too often forgotten part of the buildings, however they play the main function in the buildings, the shelter. The shy restoration of the roof of the church of S. Andrea in Brignano near Bergamo is an example of the application of scheduled maintenance.

Read the full article HERE

Architecture is about the choice of materials

Browse our crafts-professionals specialised in working with stone:
Diego Marcos y Rodriguez
A2 Mains (Villers-la-Ville, Belgium)
full profile
Hugues de Bazelaire
(Versailles, France)
full profile
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Lime, a never equaled material – Abian Curbelo

Irreplaceable since the beginning, used by men of the Antiquity, limestone is an extraordinary stone which, when subjected to fire, loses some of its properties to acquire more precious ones. 

Read the full article HERE

Architecture is about technique

Browse our crafts-professionals specialised in vault construction:
Julio Jesús Palomino Anguí
Taller de Bóvedas (Guadalajara, Spain)
full profile
Salvador Gomis Aviño
Bóvedas tabicadas Salvador Gomis Aviño (Bétera, Spain)
full profile
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The Catalan Vault – Andra Ritisan & Charlotte Pierre

The “Boveda Catalana”. Deeply rooted in the Mediterranean, this technique dates back to antiquity when Arabs and Romans used similar building techniques. 

Read the full article HERE


Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) and Mad’in Europe want to highlight the importance of preserving traditional heritage crafts and passing them on to new generations. We have joined forces and expertise to devise a survey to better understand the heritage crafts scene in Europe in terms of practice and knowledge.

These are the last days to participate in this survey which aims at gaining a better understanding of built heritage crafts in terms of practice and knowledge.

The survey is addressed to three types of respondents:

  • crafts people specialised in cultural heritage conservation
  • architects, curators, conservation surveyors, conservation engineers and owners of heritage buildings
  • schools and craft training establishments

Heritage Architecture resources & opportunities

International Making Cities Livable - Conference 2024
"The Ecology of Place: Learning from Nature, Culture, and History" in Cortona (Italy) 1-5 October 2024
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